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Cooking Goan food is an art that truly can be inherited from ancestors only. The Traditional techniques and secret Goan recipes passed down from mother to child have been protected by KARMA FOODS and delivered to you in pack form to help you make that perfect goan dish in just a few easy steps.

Made with 100% Pure Spices and No artificial Flavoring KARMA’s Spice Blends and Cooking Pastes make it absolutely easy for food lovers allover to prepare the Authentic Goan Cuisine, in less than 30 minutes, the flavours which will be lingering on your pallet always.

Using a variety of spices and fresh ingredients sourced from the many plantations across India, the aroma and Authentic Goan flavor of our heritage is passed on to you through Each and every Karma Product.

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With Karmas Super 1kg Packs Save upto 30% on all your favourite Goan Falvours.

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